STAFF REPORT IBD:The Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) playing a leading role in the National Agricultural Research System (NARS). PARC and provincial institutes should work together for the benefit of small farmers who run the countrys agriculture sector to produce food for people.

PARC Chairman Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad said this while presiding over the 5th meeting of Inter-Provincial Agricultural Research Coordination Committee (IPARCC) at the PARC Islamabad.

He said that one of the major objectives of this meeting was to review the annual research programme of National Agricultural Research System (NARS) for national research priorities for agriculture sector development, identify gaps in and priority issues in NARS research agenda.

The progress of Kharif crops 2013 and Rabi Crops 2013-14 was also reviewed in the meeting. The water situation, development of management strategies for climate change impact, declining biological resources, energy crises, alternate energy sources, management of degraded land, value addition and commercial innovation in horticultural and cereal crops and development of high yielding hybrids varieties of various crops were also discussed in the meeting.

The participants of the meeting said that this forum provided an opportunity of interaction to the planner, researchers, academia and extension leaders. They ensured greater complimentarily and synergy for the issues relating to transfer of technologies to the stakeholders and end-users and advise on measures to enhance its effectiveness.

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