STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has directed the mobile companies to discontinue night packages which are considered against the norms of social structure and moral values of the society.

“The issue of foreign SIMs has been referred to the provincial governments and the Ministry of Interior is also considering taking measures against them,” said Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Shaikh Aftab Ahmad informing the National Assembly during the question hour.

He said that a number of complaints had been received against these packages from various quarters.

Cellular Mobile Operates (CMOs) have offered different kinds of packages for general public and mostly these packages are offered for day and night time.

The minister said that during the night the availability of network is usually more as compared to day. Therefore, in order to gain maximum, CMOs offered more attractive packages during the night.

Sheikh Aftab said that the packages include both voice as well as data packages. However, it was observed that these packages are objectionable.

He further said that in this regard the PTA also received a number of complaints from various quarters including Human Rights Cell of Supreme Court of Pakistan, Standing Committee.

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