STAFF REPORT IBD: The Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptive Assessment (CCVandAA) for Islamabad and the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) for making Islamabad a model climate resilient city would be ready by the end of December.

This initiative has been planned in line with the National Climate Change Policy of Pakistan, prepared by the Climate Change Division. It was launched last year in February.

Climate Change Division, in pursuance of the cabinets decision headed by the prime minister, to make capital a model city, launched the Vulnerability Assessment for Islamabad in collaboration with UN-Habitat in October 2013.

“UN-Habitat, through its Cities and Climate Change Initiative (CCCI) is supporting local governments across the globe to more readily respond to the climatic threats faced by cities and their populations (building Climate Resilience)”.

The Cities and Climate Change Initiative is now active in 41 cities, with Islamabad being the latest addition. “Vulnerability Assessment (CCVandAA) for Islamabad will be a stepping stone in making cities resilient”, official sources said. One official said such assessment helps cities better prepare to respond to the climate related challenges.

“UN-Habitat stands committed to support the government of Pakistan with its global experience in urban related issues and support in the development of climate change vulnerability assessments and climate change action plans, along with supporting the policy processes,” said an official of the organization.

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