STAFF REPORT LHR: Low productivity of animals is the major problem of livestock sector in Pakistan, which needs to be addressed on priority basis in order to boost the livestock production as it would not only contribute towards meeting food requirement at but also fetch a major foreign exchange through meat export.

“Nutrition of animals is very important to enhance their productivity,” remarked Secretary Livestock and Dairy Development Punjab Dr Sajid Yoousfani while chairing the concluding session of the recently held fourth “International Livestock Nutrition Conference” at the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore.

He said that such conferences are also very important as they bring together experts to sit together and put forward valuable recommendations.

Speaking on the occasion, Vice-Chacellor UVAS Prof. Dr Talat Pasha announced that the “International Human Nutrition Conference” will be held at the university in March 2014. Similarly Poultry Nutrition Conference will also be arranged afterwards. He said that the conference provided the participants an opportunity to share and learn latest knowledge in the livestock nutrition discipline.

The conference comprised total eight sessions including five technical sessions on dairy nutrition, feed resources and manufacturing technology, beef nutrition, buffalo nutrition and nutrition of small ruminants.

Total 29 papers were orally presented in the technical sessions while 70 papers were displayed at the poster exhibition.

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