STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistans most popular youth-centric brand Djuice has yet again taken the centre stage with its new tagline Mein Houn LIVE which revolves around keeping the youth up to date with the latest happenings and setting them apart in their social circle.

By becoming Mein Houn LIVE, Djuice is now emerging as a lifestyle brand that is current, youthful, electrifying and bringing the latest to the youth by offering exclusive discounts to its subscribers. It also ensures the best mobile internet offering and one-of-a-kind FnF offerings for youth in the industry.

“Djuice has built a brand perception over the years that is very youth centric. Our new tagline Mein Hun Live reflects the youth lifestyle which is happening 24/7 with something new being explored or created every moment, everyday,” said Usman Javaid, Director Marketing, Telenor Pakistan.

He said that this evolution in the brands journey represents social recognition that is so important to our young customers today who believe when I do something new I go live amongst my social circle. Djuice has partnered with popular brands to offer exclusive deals to its subscribers. The new and happening Mein Houn LIVE offering enables 500 MB 3-day data bundle for Rs. 20.

By Web Team

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