STAFF REPORT GUJRAT: The recently held DICE symposium focused on strong linkages between academia industry as it will definitely help in expediting the process of technology revolution in Pakistan by motivating both academia and industry to acquire, promote and utilize state-of-the-art technologies and software for the rapid development of innovative products.

The symposium titled “DICE 2013 – Distinguished Innovations, Collaborations and Entrepreneurship” was organized by the University of Gujrat (UoG) in collaboration with Higher Education Commission Pakistan (HEC), British Council, Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST).

The DICE Competition and Exhibition is an annual event aimed at fostering Innovation culture in Pakistan by motivating academia, industry and entrepreneurs to come to a common platform to showcase innovations and technologies, share knowledge and further collaborate with each other for the rapid development of Innovative products, necessary for the economic development of the country.

In his remarks on the occasion, VC UOG Prof. Dr. Nizamuddin said that the UoG is fighting a pitched battle for quality education, progress and development of Pakistan.

“We are a large country with a demographic bulk of young people. It is high time that we address the educational needs of our youth today for our prosperous tomorrow. To achieve this objective, we need to revamp and renovate our educational system, to bring in real life stuff, which addresses our real socio-cultural needs,” said the VC.

Speaking on the occasion, founder and Chairman of DICE Dr Khursheed Qureshi, who came all the way from USA, revealed the vision of DICE, which was to foster Innovation and to address strategic issues of Pakistan.

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