STAFF REPORT LHR: Scientists have been warning the authorities for quite some time about the harmful effects of environmental pollution. They say that by 2050 some parts of the world will experience extreme heat, making human survival very difficult.

They warn that the temperature in these areas is likely to increase further unless some remedial measures are immediately enforced.

The developed world has already woken up to the challenges and has a set of laws to combat pollution. In fact the environmental laws there are so strict that industrialists in advanced countries prefer to establish industrial units in third world countries.

Pakistan too has a few laws on the environment, however, the implementation of these is still a big problem here. All industrial units have to conform to carbon emission standards in order to ensure environment protection.

“Unfortunately, these laws are not being implemented at all. Most people dont even think that environmental pollution is an offence,” said an official of the Ministry of Environment while talking to this scribe.

He added that a vast range of knowledge is available. Now, it is a real challenge to transform the knowledge into goods and services.

He said that to maintain a good ecological system, there should be at least 26 percent of the total land area of a country covered with forest. While in our country the total area is only four percent and that too is fast depleting.

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