STAFF REPORT IBD: Speakers at a consultation moot called for devising result-oriented policies to boost agriculture sector and ensure food security in the country.

The National Consultation has recently been organized by the Society for Conservation and Protection of Environment (SCOPE) in collaboration with the Alliance Against Hunger and Malnutrition (AAHM) National Chapter Pakistan, Oxfam Novib Pakistan and Oxfam-GROW at a loca l hotel in Islamabad.

Addressing on the occasion, Tanveer Arif, Chief Executive, SCOPE, elaborated that AAHM, which is a global network of intergovernmental organizations and civil society, was formed as a follow-up of the World Food Summit in 2005. The AAHM Pakistan Chapter is consisting of civil society, government organizations and experts.

He said that AAHM Pakistan has developed an advocacy strategy which aims at supporting government initiatives of National Food Security and Nutrition Policy and Zero Hunger Programme.

He explained that food security is fast becoming a critical issue in Pakistan and urged all the stakeholders to come forward and give their input to address this issue.

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