STAFF REPORT IBD: The Forum of VCs and Heads of Agricultural Universities/Colleges has unanimously resolved that HEC and Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) transfer the agricultural research projects and funds to PARC being agricultural research forum at federal level for distribution among provincial universities/colleges and agri research institutions to strengthen research activities in the country.

This has been decided at a recently held meeting of VCs and Heads of Agricultural Universities/Colleges across the country presided by PARC Chairman Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad.

He said that PARC being the federal apex body playing an important role for the promotion and development of agriculture sector in Pakistan.

Purpose of setting up the forum was to exchange technical personnel and material for agricultural research and academic development.

On the occasion, the PARC Chairman assured that the new forum will remove many apprehensions if any provincial institute or agriculture universities/colleges do have for PARC.

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