EVER SINCE mankind started using it, the question was raised whether it is worth it or not. Technology is to facilitate the mankinds day to day work activities so that we can save time though no one thinks for what purpose do we save time. Is it leisure, joy, pleasure, wastage or something in mind which needs to be considered while saving time due to efficient work in technology. We see many political figures focusing on technology as their main objective for harmony sake so that they can satisfy more number of people only because democracy demands it so though many things which are being demanded by a large number of people in all democratic republics are turned down only because of purely public in nature or purely social in nature with little or no emphasis on economy.

Technology quality has given rise to many new philosophical thoughts with latest being Six Sigma focusing on 3.4 defects per 1 million products due to advancement in technology. This has good implications as far as profit maximization is concerned by is it really going to help the society when we do a foresight. Answers are clear and obvious that it is not going to help the mankind in the long run due to rising carbon emission and other issues being faced by all sort of societies in the world. It is because when it comes to technology we focus on quality rather than frugality which is to fulfill the basic need of mankind.

Yet, if the Six Sigma is superimposed on basic necessities of life then it may come out to be a total disaster as demands vary from person to person. Frugality serves the purpose here not quality. We need to give the people what they need rather then creating hype of something which is not demanded but then making them experience which is like a quick sand. Quality is for young minds having immaturity their manifest behavior. Though many researchers (especially marketers) link it with women also as they are amused by the things which are fascinating or shining thus it is something which is to divert the attention from the basic necessity to a world which we are moving towards and is full of tech, mech and wreck but no purity of environment.

Quality standards are mainly the touchstone for those who have gold to convert the remaining things into gold for their own interest but gold does fascinate but the day to day needs of mankind are to be filled by the natural environment rather than gadgets and sophisticated technologies. No technology is good for health but for making our life more comfortable which may be termed by critiques as making us more lazy and luxury loving creature rather than doing foresight of what may be the bleak future becuase of this . Frugality gives rise to independence in food and agriculture and making technologies which are good for a specific group to fullfill basic needs rather than focusing on sophitications liked by the kings and bureaurats as they often are heard to use even very sophisticaed language either.

Quality is make things more of a sophitique as compared to frugality which is to making life simple but easier for not a person, a group but humanity.

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