STAFF REPORT IBD: The Single Reporting Format, also known as SRF Pakistan (, is one of the IM tools developed by iMMAP Pakistan which offers information about all the humanitarian community operating in the country.

Despite the fact that NDMA had stopped utilizing SRF for reporting during 2012 and all the other odds and reservations again such reporting tool over the past year; SRF still remains the only most comprehensive and online platform available for public both public scrutiny and benefit.

This information gathering and presentation not only helps the response communities in finding the gaps at the community level but also provides a resource base for donors, project managers, implementing partners and the government counterparts equally to have sound judgment and decisions on emergencies and other development related realms.

This platform also provides access to the government agencies, media and general public to monitor the activities of the organizations in a transparent manner and helps in making management accountable of projects and programs on regular bases.

SRF reduces overlapping of activities, ensures efficient use of resources, affective aid distribution and highlights the overall achievements of the organizations at different intervention levels.

Pakistan is country with notable deficiency of data digitization, leaving the businesses, non-profits and individuals to rely on conventional co-ordination and reporting methods that ultimately pose serious compromises over the throughput.

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