P4 Environmental frien_optSTAFF REPORT LHR: The Jatropha curcas is a carbon sink, thats why it is an environmental friendly fuel, Carbon dioxide gas is emitted locally but affects globally. Pakistan is included in low greenhouse gas (GHG) emitting countries and contributes 0.43pc of worlds total GHG emission ranking 35th in the world. One hundred and ninety four big and small countries are present on this globe with their fixed boundaries but shared breathing air. No matter who donates how much to the carbon dioxide burden but all the nations suffer together. Increase in global temperature ranges 2-4.5 Co. A report by Oil Companies Advisory Committee (OCAC) shows that Pakistan on an average consumes eight billion tons of diesel and 7.2 billion tons of furnace oil per year.

Like other tree plants, Jatropha takes carbon from the environment and deposits in the woody tissues of the stem. Jatropha tree on an average absorbs 8 Kg of carbon dioxide every year. The biodiesel produced by Jatropha seeds offers a clean substitute of energy that not only aids to reduce emissions, but is also able to be used in diesel engines to power automobiles and farm pumps. In addition, by providing an unconventional crop to replace tobacco for rural farmers and reducing the burning of large quantities of firewood, which releases large amounts of carbon dioxide. The Fossil fuels are adding huge amounts of stored carbon dioxide to the air, where it traps the Earths heat like a heavy blanket causing global warming. Studies show that biodiesel reduces carbon dioxide emissions up to a significant level of 78pc and sulfur dioxide emissions up to 99pc.

Bio diesel reduces chances of cancer up to 90pc. Biodiesel is blended in the petroleum diesel in most of the countries with a ratio of 20-80pc. It is reported that this blend gives good environmental gains.

There is satisfactory potential to grow Jatropha curcas L. on big scale in the country preferably without competing for land and water under food, feed and cash crops. European Union consumes 47 pc of its vegetable oil produced in biodiesel production. Pakistan has arid to semi-arid climate, located between the longitude 61° to 76° east and between latitude 23° to 37° north. Total area of Pakistan is 79.61 million hectares. The Jatropha cultivation practice since 2007 till now has increased the assurance level towards acceptance of this exotic plant in the country. Parallel experiences of some local farmers growing Jatropha at their farms have also been inspiring so far. Jatropha cultivation is to be addressed for biodiesel in the country for gaining the benefits of Carbon sequestering. There are the gains of environment upgrading and reclamation of ruined soils. At CARS farms best germination of 66c was documented in the seed samples imported from Thailand by PSO. However, seed germination in nursery of PSO from another lot of Thai origin was 86-99pc.

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