Untitled-2 copy.JPG1 P_optSTAFF REPORT IBD: Good governess is the prime priority of the newly elected government and any laxity in achieving this goal would not be tolerated in any case.

These views were expressed by Khurram Dastigr, Minister of State for Science and Technology while chairing a meeting of the heads of organizations and senior officers of the ministry.

During the meeting, Secretary for Science and Technology Akhlaq Ahmad Tarar gave a detailed presentation of the ministry and its organizations.

The minister was pleased to know that NUST and COMSATS are the “centre of excellence” organizations of the ministry and he urged that the rest of the organizations to follow the suit.

The minister reiterated the commitment of the newly government that weight age be given only to those who perform their duties and the target of the new government is transparency, integrity and efficiency in each and every sector.

He advised all the head of organizations to come up with proposal of indentify deliverables with time line as required by the cabinet decision within 15 days.

He assured full support on behalf of the government for the solution of problems facing the organizations. The minister decided that he would visit all the organizations and would take a detail presentation from each of them.

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