48ed12281ae1f6453d2d5e_optSTAFF REPORT KHI: The Pakistan Science Club (PSC) is arranging summer camps to provide opportunities and facilities to develop interest about science related activities among students.

“Different seminars, workshops and competitions will be organized on the occasion to encourage interest of students in science and technology,” said President PSC Abdul Rauf while talking to media about the summer camps.

He explained that research shows that Out of School Hours Learning or Study Support is widely recognised to lead to improvements in school performance.

“We will bridge the gap between formal education and a more comprehensive knowledge of science, endeavouring to make the study of science more interesting and providing opportunities for the transmission of dry information into tangible knowledge,” he maintained.

Rauf said that PSC will popularize science and help to bring the advancements of science to the door steps of the common man and the students.

PSC organizes meetings and relevant events on regular basis to encourage interest of students in Science and Technology, and promote science as a career, he said. “We will initiate programs, projects and activities that will complement and supplement formal science education,” he said.

The PSC is promoting the application and understanding of science, technology, and the environment among the youth through the conduct of relevant projects and activities, he said.

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