climate-change-reuters_optSTAFF REPORT FBD: Climate change has multiplied serious concerns for Pakistan an agro-based economy as it is extremely vulnerable to the effects of climate change posing severe social, environmental and economic challenges. The stakeholders need to come up with a tangible and target oriented policy to minimize the effects of climate change in the country.

These views were expressed by various speakers at a recently held three-day session of Agricultural Model Inter-comparison and Improvement Project-Pakistan (AgMIP-Pakistan).

The workshop and international seminar on climate change was jointly organised by the University of Faisalabads Department of Agronomy.

Speaking at the occasion, UAF Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan said that the impact of climate change has received high contemplations in Pakistan as it is closely linked to food security policy and poverty for the vast majority of Pakistans population.

“Pakistans status as a developing country is dependent mainly on agricultural sector making it highly vulnerable to the effects of global climate change,” said the UAFs vice chancellor.

He hoped that climate change in the 21st century will ultimately pave way to explore highest productivity potential for feeding the rapidly growing population.

American Scientist Gerritt Hoogenboom stressed the need for collaborative efforts for coping global warming, and natural disasters.

He said that through the recommendations developed during the three-day seminar, the policymakers can develop effective climate policies based upon ground realities.

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