STAFF REPORT IBD: Tameer Microfinance Bank Limited will introduce e-Gold on virtual trading providing hedging benefits to especially customers of low purchasing power as a microfinance bank to attract them invest and earn via Easypaisa channel.

“e-Gold products and saving accounts are being worked upon to tap a large number of customers through easy terms and conditions that will be introduced in next coming months,” said President and CEO of Tameer Mircofinance Bank Limited while talking to media here.

He said the model of the Gold saving accounts have been under testing stages which has been proved successful on the technical end and financial feasibility but operational on branchless networking and marketing sides are underway to make the product successful.

In this regard, PMEX and Tameer Bank have developed an understanding to work jointly on e-Gold products through the trading platform of PMEX using Easypaisa retail agents.

He further said that the investors shall be able to buy/sell gold through TMFB branches/agents and branchless banking channels using their mobile accounts (M-Wallet) through the trading platform of PMEX.

Tameer Bank Limited has network of 23,000 branchless network through Telenor Pakistan that has greater access to the customers than the conventional banks and commodity exchange.

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