STAFF REPORT KHI: Masses in Pakistan should reduce pollution in the environment at least with their minimum efforts by discouraging the use of plastic bags which are not only dangerous for health but also emit hazardous effects in the environment.

According to a research, a substandard plastic bag takes hundreds of years to get decomposed, and till that time it remains in the environment causing very hazardous impact on our routine life.

Experts say that there is a desperate need to raise awareness among the masses at massive level and impose ban by the government with heavy penalties on its manufacturing, distribution and supplies with aggressive and long-term policies.

They say the awareness of D2W, an oxo-biodegradable bag, was being raised among clients, manufacturers and retailers for making the society, living places and our beloved country greener for the better future of our generation.

Though plastic bags are indispensable for carrying goods and different items in daily lives but the quality of plastic bags could be improved through reduction of toxic element.

The production of plastic bags is carried out at massive level in Pakistan which is continuing to impact negatively on the human lives and climate of the country because they emanate carbon dioxides and various polluted chemicals in the environment on dumping.


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