InternetSTAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan has become a regional leader in the field of information and communication technology chiefly due to the revolutionary and effective steps by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) as the broad-bandwidth internet connectivity is now available in 183 institutions throughout the country. According to the future plans, this network is being expanded to over 600 colleges which are under the provincial governments.

“HEC has ensured that the Digital Library and Archives are available online to all students across the country, which has a database of over 10,000 e-journals and 65,000 e-books. Campus Management Solutions have already been implemented at as many as eight universities with more to follow,” said HEC Chairman Dr. Javaid Leghari.

Research repository containing more than 6680 Pakistani PhD theses in digitized form, plagiarism eradication tool as provided to all HEIs. Access to over 180 free software has been provided to over one million students in higher education sector of the country.

Dr. Laghari remarked that according to the World Economic Forum 2013, Pakistans score on the higher education indicator of the Global Competitiveness Index surged significantly ahead, which is a clear manifestation and a recognition of the fact that Pakistans higher education sector has become a role model for the developing countries.

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