STAFF REPORT IBD: Nuclear scientist Dr Samar Mubarakmand, who is also member science and technology of the Planning Commission, has said that two nuclear power plants, each having capacity of 350MW, will be completed by 2015 while efforts are being made to get foreign funding for another two nuclear power plants of 1,000 MW to overcome to the energy crisis of Pakistan.

“Asian Development Bank has refused to provide funds for shifting Jamshoro power plants on coal gasification using Pakistani coal,” said Dr. Mubarakmand while talking to media after chairing a key session of the Pakistan, Oil, Gas and Energy Industry Conference.

He said that the bank was ready to invest if we imported coal from Malaysia, however, it would cost us per unit power production at Rs 20 instead of Rs 8 if we use our local coal reserves.

Dr Mubarakmand said despite successful experiment of coal gasification the government has provided them only 10 per cent of the money required for the project. He said the government didnt provide funds for establishing a power plant.

For using the gas prepared from the fields and due to this reason the gas produced was going to waste.

He said both nuclear power plants of Chashma 3 and Chashma 4 of 350 megawatts each would be functional by 2015.

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