DEVELOPMENT OF various technical gadgets like cellphones, laptops, iphones, ipads, palm tops and desktops have made life easier, comfortable and convenient, especially for the youth across the world.

These developments have penetrated so deeply in our life that now we may not be able to dream even for a day without using these gadgets. Yes, these wonderful instruments have brought in so much of comforts for us as most of our aspirations, jobs and needs are fulfilled by them in a fraction of a minute saving time as well as money.

SMS, Facebook and chats have opened a new world before us and we connect to each other so relentlessly using hours in this practice. A mute question is whether these gadgets are used in the right way, for the right purpose and in the right direction. No, our cellphones are for casual chats and endless calls which consume not only money on purchasing packages but also hours long time especially of the young generation.

Our computers are usually used for accessing social networking sites and for playing games. This will not lead us to anywhere except for giving us an instant enjoyment and continued frustration. We should use them in the right way in order to achieve our goals.

These gadgets are a treasure of knowledge. What our elders had missed in their generation, we are blessed with now. We can use them effectively for learning, teaching and communicating. Our thoughts, ideas and concerns on socio-economic and political issues can be aired through them.

Ramsha Saif @Karachi

By Web Team

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