STAFF REPORT THATTA: The area of Kharo Chan is witnessing a steep decline in the crops production as the salty sea water has started rising in the region following the sweet water of Indus River going down especially after the construction of Kotri Barrage.
Nearly 300 families living in Kharo Chan village have bitter memories to share. Allah Din, a farmer, said, “There was a time when the area was lush green and fertile. For nearly 150 years this area fed all of Sindh with its record rice and wheat produces, but the situation entirely changed after the Kotri Barrage.”
He added that things arent better off on the other side of the bank – the residents of the taluka on the opposite side cant produce enough food to sustain themselves.
He added that because seawater has moved inland and freshwater is scarce, villagers have been eyeing urban centres and packing their bags.
The issue of the villagers is a lack of sweet water. This reflects disturbances in the ecosystem and climate change, said an official of the WWF-P.
He added that World Wildlife Fund- Pakistan (WWF-P) intends to reduce the risk climate change poses to vulnerable communities in Pakistans coastal regions.”I am aware that the effects of climate change spill across boundaries,” said the official.

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