money_piling_upMONITORING REPORT IBD: Promoting the use of properly licensed software would have a greater impact on the economy in Pakistan than allowing similar growth in the use of pirated software that would badly impact overall performance of the whole IT systems.
“A 1 per cent increase in use of licensed software would generate an estimated $148 million in national production, compared to $63 million from a similar increase in pirated software – meaning properly licensed software would deliver $84 million in additional economic value,” reveals a fresh report compiled by the Microsoft.
The study confirms that increasing use of licensed software corresponds to substantial positive gains in GDP, and that the economic stimulus effect of properly licensed software is significantly greater than that of pirated software.
“Using properly licensed software reduces risk and creates operating efficiencies that go directly to the bottom line for enterprises,” said Amir Rao, country manager, Microsoft Pakistan.
This study confirms that licensed software is not just good for firms – it is an important driver of national economic growth. The government, law enforcement, and industry in Pakistan should take every opportunity to reap these potential gains by reducing piracy and promoting use of properly licensed software.
The study also finds that each additional dollar invested in properly licensed software has an estimated return on investment (ROI) of $327. This compares to a $23 return from each additional dollar worth of pirated software put into use.

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