Talea-Zafar-Asma-Aziz-Rabia-GaribSTAFF REPORT KHI: Intel has initiated a new scheme is called “Toddlers and Technology” with its focus is how the touch-generation could benefit from technology, more importantly on how that technology can have a positive impact on quality of life.
The first event of this initiative focused on the subject of whether or not children should be exposed to technology. This involved looking at the software and tools that are out there that can help with child development by providing a fun and relaxed event environment for them.
Intel said that many children are growing up as “digital natives” and that it is very important to understand how best to use technology in a more positive manner.
“Todays kids are so completely at ease with navigating and flicking their way through devices to get to the latest game on a smart phone or tablet,” said Asma Aziz, Marketing and PR Manager, Intel South Asia said,
She said that the rise of the touch generation is not only set to change the way we interact with our technology, but it is also changing the type of technology we will demand in future.
The rapid spread of touch-screen computing devices is creating a generation of children that we call the “Touch Generation” – and theyre heralding a new era.”

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