STAFF REPORT KHI: The cumulative fertilizer sectors production declined by 12.84 percent on monthly basis to 468,000 tons in April 2013 as against of 537,000 tons in March 2013.
According to the data released by the National Fertilizer Development Center (NFDC), the total fertilizer offtake also decreased by 24.45 per cent on monthly basis to 417,000 tons during the month of April 2013 as against 552,000 tons in March this year.
Product-wise results showed a 6.0 per cent fall in total urea production on monthly basis in April 2013 to 375,000 tons as against 397,000 tons of March while DAP production jumped by 21 per cent to 67,000 tons in terms of volumes.
A similar downward trend was also observed in fertilizer sectors offtake, the prime culprit was urea, shedding its offtake numbers by a massive 22 percent on monthly basis in April to 314,000 tons in contrast to 405,000 tons in March and DAP offtake exhibiting a downward trend. Recording a 20 per cent decline to 52,000 tons in April as against of 65,000 tons in the third month of this calendar year.
Urea offtake registered a massive growth of 21 percent yearly basis to 2.11 million tons during the four months (January-April) of this year as against 1.745 million tons during the corresponding period of last year.

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