ZONG-PFDC-2013STAFF REPORT KHI: ZONG, the first international brand of China Mobile, has recently promoted emerging designers at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2013. Ever since its inception in Pakistan, ZONG has been trying to foster the talented youth of Pakistan through various initiatives at numerous platforms.
This year, ZONG decided to nurture the emerging designers who wanted to showcase their creations at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2013. The lucky designers who participated in the show included Arooj Ahmed, Daniyal Mubarik, Hamza Bokhari, Mahgul Rashid, Mohsin Ali and Schehrezade Sohail Muzammil.
“We have always tried to encourage the capable people to come forward and show the world that Pakistan is full of ideas, flair and positivity,” said CFO of ZONG Feng Tuixian while speaking at the event.
This year the Fashion Week showcased a diversity of luxury/prèt collections from 47 designers, brands and textile houses over a period of 4 days, defining and presenting trends for 2013, focusing specifically on the regions long hot summer months.
ZONG has supported sports, education and technology at several levels in the past. Last year they had signed a partnership agreement with Manchester United football club to bring the estimated 10 million football fans in Pakistan closer to Old Trafford.

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