STAFF REPORT IBD: Carrying the mission of providing state-of-the-art technologies and creating a benchmark in the industry using creative intuition, Texitech has launched Blade Runner in Pakistan, a product of LaCie.
This marvel is the latest in the external Hard Drives manufactured by LaCie and has been designed by the worlds famous product designer and creator Philippe Starck. From design to attributes, this Blade Runner is a staunch product created particularly for design-conscious consumers.
Besides its elegant and stunning outlook and design, the product also offers robust capabilities and features, such as high-speed USB 3.0 interface and cross-platform compatibility, which make the product more practical from the usability point of view.
“After years of using LaCie storage products, I can say that the Blade Runner is beyond expectations,” said Sohail-ur-Rahman, Director Texitech, while speaking about theproduct.
Being ideal from both functionality and style point of view, Philippe Starck said, “The product can thus resist high temperatures and serve the consumer without any inconvenience.”
With this and the overwhelming response from the European market in mind, Texitech hopes to get the same response from Pakistan and also looks forward to having a large base of satisfied consumers.

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