NUSTSTAFF REPORT IBD: The NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS) and Mobilink have collaborated to encourage students to identify everyday problems and propose solutions using technology as a medium.
The SEECS took the lead in developing a competition titled Finding Innovative and Creative Solutions (FICS), which would provide a platform for students to identify problems that existed in the communities around them and to propose innovative solutions.
According to detais, Mobilink provided organizational support for the competition, as well as participating in the mentoring of the participants and the evaluation of the entries.
Students had the opportunity to discuss the real-world applicability of their proposed solutions by interacting with industry experts from Mobilink and a number of other technology intensive organizations.
“Mobilink has sustained its leadership position in the telecom industry for over two decades through continuous innovation. Our collaboration with SEECS for this competition is a reflection of Mobilinks drive for creativity and our belief in the youth of Pakistan,” said Moeid Javeed, Director Marketing (Mobile Internet) Mobilink.
The winning solutions included a Non Invasive Glucometer (first prize), a Pervasive Anti-coagulation service for Cardiac Health (second prize) and Clay Computing: An inexpensive Computing Solution (third prize).
The competition was conducted by SEECS over a number of phases, with 14 teams reaching the final leg of the competition, competing for total prize money of Rs. 116,000.

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