UVAS SEMINARSTAFF REPORT IBD: A Pakistani student from Balochistan has achieved a Grand Winner Award and a gold medal in an international computer project competition recently held to find worlds best young IT wizard.

Waleed Bashir from Khusdar, who is a class 9th student in PakTurk School, Quetta, won the first prize in the first International Infomatrix Asia and Pacific Project Competition 2013 held in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

He developed a project titled “Green Automation” to win among 100 projects presented by students of twenty countries including Russia, Azerbaijan, India, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Georgia, Somalia and Ukraine.

He developed an automated system that can control a house office or garden through computer and internet without any human attendant.

Heat, water level, and humidity were controlled through the sensors while energy required to run the system is derived from movable solar panels that follows the direction of sun automatically.

“I want to serve his largely arid province and to turn the whole Pakistan fertile,” said Bashir while commenting on his achievement.

The project which can be used to increase the production of crops in an efficient and economical way without grid electricity quickly caught attention of the judges who declared Bashir winner and he was given 600 dollars additionally as prize.

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