Plastic bagSTAFF REPORT IBD: Hundreds of companies from all over Pakistan have joined hands with the d2w for greener Pakistan. The d2w is a leading brand of Symphony Environmental UK in oxo-biodegradable technology which is providing best solutions to plastic pollution.

The d2w is a granular chemical which not only makes the plastic environment friendly but also decreases its life from hundreds of years to some months after its useful life. d2w additive is added in plastics during preparation in the proportion of only one per cent, which makes plastic degradable as it dissolves with oxygen.

It is worth mentioning here that the government has banned the use of non-biodegradable plastic packaging products in Islamabad and the violators are liable to face penalty. The proper use of biodegradable shopping bags has started in the capital.

This is very encouraging and fortunate that more and more companies are switching to oxo-biodegradable technology everyday which would definitely help keep Pakistan neat, clean and green.

International and local brands, companies, industries and shops in Pakistan have already adopted eco-friendly measures including the use of d2w products.

The manufacturers of plastic products are also standing shoulder-by-shoulder with d2w in eliminating plastic pollution. All these institutions would be remembered for eco-friendly efforts.

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