Dr-Mudassir-Israr-PCST-Edited-2-copySTAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST) has taken a lead to facilitate women in scientific communities and to improve visibility of women scientists by maintaining a website and starting a project on collecting data on statistics of women representation in science and technology.

The data and materials from this web resource will serve as a reference material for the scientific community and for professionals working in the field of womens empowerment as well.

“In Pakistan, the status of women has improved in recent years but gender inequality remains pervasive,” said Chairperson PCST Dr. Mudasar Israr while talking to the media adding despite constituting almost half of the population, women are an underutilized talent.

She said that for achieving national development it is an economic necessity to utilize their talents to the full at all levels of scientific and technological education, training and employment.

Dr. Mudassar said that working women have a very positive and transformational impact on society by having fewer children, and by investing more time, money and energies for better nutrition, education and health care of their children.

“Realizing the widening gender gap and the obscured status of women in socioeconomic development, especially focusing on the gender dimension of science and technology, PCST has now taken the initiative to collect the data of women representation in SandT,” maintained Dr. Mudasar.

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