DeforestationDEFORESTATION IS one of the major environmental issues, not only in directly affected countries and locations, but also from a global prospective. Deforestation means the loss of forest due to overcutting of trees. The long term or permanent loss of forest and implies transfer into another land use. In rare words such these lose can only be caused and maintained by only a human induced. One upshot of deforestation is soil erosion, which result in the loss of protective soil cover and the water holding capacity of the soil.

Pakistan is included in one of those countries where deforestation rate is extremely high. The main cause of deforestation in Pakistan is the constant increase in population, which has led to increase in requirements of food and land for residential purpose. In addition, the requirement for furniture, other household products and fuel is also increasing.

People are clearing forests to make residential colonies, roads between and within the cities and agriculture use. The wood which we gained by forests and trees people used in building material, furniture, paper products and is also used in many rural areas as firewood. in our rural areas people used this material for different purpose. Deforestation is a real harm for our ecosystem and environment.

Deforestation is one of the main factors negatively affecting the conservation of biological diversity. The main threat of deforestation is to rainforest, 31 per cent of the land area of our planet forests cover. A forest produces vital oxygen and provides homes for people and wildlife. Most of the worlds threatened and endangered animals live in forests. It is estimated that 1.6 billion people rely on forests that offer food, fresh water, clothing, traditional medicine and shelter.

In forests deforestation comes from many forms, including fire, clear cutting for agriculture ranching and development, unsustainable logging timber and degradation due to climate change. The impacts of climate change due to deforestation have left critical impacts on peoples livelihood and threaten a wide range of plants and animal species. Deforestation is particular concern tropical rainforests because these forests are home to much of the worlds biodiversity.

Deforestation is the major threat to plants; due to process of deforestation by which forest areas are removed and the land is used for other uses such as agriculture, industrialization, resources, or settlements has stark implications on our environment in the near future. A forest is home to many types of plants, which are the food source for many types of animals, which are, in their turn, also sources of food for other animals.

Forests are plying a vital role for life; home to millions of species, forests protect soil from erosion, produce oxygen, stored carbon dioxide and also help to control climate change. Deforestation is an important factor in global climate change. Climate change is taking place because of a buildup carbon dioxide in out atmosphere and if we carry on cutting down the main tool we would face decline in carbon dioxide (CO2) deposits.

When forests are destroyed, they release large quantity of CO2 in atmosphere, which contributes to climate change.  It is mainly estimated that due to deforestation more than 1.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide is released to the atmosphere, mainly every year in the duration of cutting and burning of forests. In this critical situation we can expect that the climate change of our planet to change dramatically over the coming decades.

Deforestation affects the earths biodiversity in large quantity. People continuously remove trees from particular areas in order to make various wood products, to clear land for new buildings or roads, or to create farm land in order to feed more people, or use for industrial reason, without thinking that might be they can face Nemours of dangers of deforestation in next decades. Deforestation can also occur as a result of a natural disaster or accidental fire. When plants and trees are removed or destroyed en masse, many species that lives in those forests lose their natural habitats, and most of them are not able to survive the change. As a result of deforestation when animals and plants die, the biodiversity of that area decrease. The number of few species in an area is a less biodiversity environment.

Not only that the result of local climate change that occurs with deforestation can have damaging effects on farmers. With less rain, crops typically cannot get enough water to grow well and produce a good yield, and food shortages sometimes happen.  Reduction in supply generally causes prices on crops to go up, which can have long-reaching economic effects worldwide. Day by day the growing prices of commodities do not always assure that those involved in agriculture can cover their operational expenses, and many farmers end up hardly breaking even, taking out loans or even filing for economic failure.


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