STAFF REPORT IBD: A two-day SAARC-PTB 2nd Coordination Conference on Regional cooperation in Metrology has recently concluded in Islamabad, which was participated by delegates from all the SAARC members States.

“The initiative taken by the government of Germany-based Precision Technical Board (PTB) is a good step for coordination among the SAARC countries regarding the cooperation in all kinds of metrological organizations and cooperation with national metrology institutes all over the world,” said Minister for Science and Technology Dr. Sania Nishtar during the conference.

She said that unfortunately, the region have never paid heed to this requirement and failed to allocate adequate resources. Hardly any country has ever reserved more than 1 per centof its GDP for Science or Education.

While explaining the importance of Metrology she said: With the introduction of WTO regime, the world has become a global village and today the international trade has become so simple that any one from any part of the world can take part in buying and selling of the goods due to information available through internet.”

Earlier, Director General of National Physical Scale laboratories (NPSL) Shaheen Raja presented the objectives of the conference and said that the conference would identify and define set milestone for the 2nd phase of the project activities to be implemented during the 2013-2014.

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