STAFF REPORT IBD: The Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) has recently signed an agreement to undertake a 2-phased study for Introduction of Solar Water Heaters in Pakistan with the World Bank support.

Purpose of the study is to develop a national programme to replace the conventional gas geysers with Solar Water Heaters (SWH) by identifying the potential areas for the intervention with minimum stakeholders involvement and to determine technical, financial, economic and social viability of the intervention.

The Board will also review the existing technology and identify the most appropriate technology to be adopted for consumers in Pakistan including the assessment of the local market potential and capacity.

The study is designed to be implemented in two phases, the design phase and the pilot phase. This study has been awarded to Electra Consultants with Integration Environment and Energy of Germany; shortlisted as per the set procedures and with prior approval of the World Bank, fulfilling all codal formalities.

“The GoP is taking all possible steps to introduce Alternative / Renewable Energy (ARE) Technologies in order to reduce reliance on conventional energy sources.

The world is moving fast to adopt these emerging technologies, but the government is adamant to catch up with the countries ahead in ARE sectors,” said Arif Alauddin, CEO AEDB, at the agreement signing ceremony.

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