Wateen Telecom - Management Team at Magic of 1 Training with Umar KhanSTAFF REPORT LHR: Wateen Telecom has recently concluded a 2-day comprehensive training workshop for managers on Creating Winning Teams- The Magic of 1 in Lahore. The main objective of this training was to develop an influential cadre in the management that is able to effectively achieve targets and bring about grassroots level change in the organisation.

The initiative comes under the umbrella of Wateens values and was meant to inculcate those values in employees at every level. The workshop was especially designed for the upper tier of the management so that they could manage and lead their teams in a more effective way. The training was divided into two main segments: Managing Self and Managing Others which were its key highlights.

The trainings primary focus was to identify and develop their leadership, communication and team building skills through interactive feedback sessions in order to help managers develop a personal strategy that enhances their effectiveness and influence with others at work.

“Business success only follows the cultural success of an organization, therefore its imperative to develop leaders in Wateen that inspire and lead with their performance,” said CTO, Asad Rezzvi, while commenting on the importance of the workshop.

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