IUCN - IMG_6067STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan is the most urbanized country of South Asia with an urbanization rate of 33.5 per cent where the consumption of petroleum products is regularly on the rise at a rate of 6 per cent about half of which is consumed by the transport sector. The poor quality of vehicular fuels is a major cause of air pollution in the country that needs to overcome with an effective mechanism.

These views were expressed by speakers at a recently organized workshop to deliberate on a roadmap for upgradation of vehicular fuel quality in Pakistan, here in Islamabad. The event was organized by IUCN and ak-EPA, and Ministry of Climate Change, under the auspices of Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles (PCFV).

Ahamd Saeed, Manager of the National Impact Assessment Programme in his remarks said that PCFV aims to provide support to the developing countries in improving fuel and vehicle technologies.

Saadullah Ayaz, Manager, Pakistan Sustainable Transport Project, IUCN, gave a brief presentation on the Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles (PCFV), descried the aims and objectives of the workshop.

Syed Ali Gardezi, Secretary Climate Change, highlighted that the government is making its efforts to reduce air pollution, by a number of policy and regulatory measures with an aim to achieve a visible improvement in the quality of environment.

Asif Shuja Khan, Director General Pak-EPA, in his closing remarks appreciated the organizers and participants for their time and feedback.

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