SeismicitySTAFF REPORT KHI: The project to install new broadband seismic stations equipped with advance technology that has recently been initiated following the 2005 Kashmir earthquake in order to strengthen the seismic monitoring system, has completed.

The Pakistan Meteorology Department (PMD) is going to inaugurate these stations next month. The existing ten broadband seismic stations are of British technology while the new stations are based on Chinese technology.

“Under the project, ten new broadband seismic stations have been installed, bringing the total number to 20 in Pakistan,” said an official while talking to this scribe.

He said that these new stations have been installed in Skardu, Charath, Tarbela, Islamabad, Salt Range Punjab, Fort Munro, Dera Ghazi Khan, Lahore and Nangarparkar.

“This project is a great achievement and now Pakistan has 20 broadband stations, all connected via satellite,” said PMD Seismology Division Islamabad Director Zahid Rafi.

Most of these new broadband stations are installed either in northern areas or in Punjab, however, the coastline of Sindh and Balochistan is not considered in the project.

The PMD official data reveals that out of the existing ten broadband stations only two were installed on Sindh and Balochistans coasts; one in Turbat and another in Karachi. However, experts are of the view that due to the presence of MSZ these areas need more broadband stations.

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