NUML-MouSTAFF REPORT IBD: The National University of Modern Languages (NUML), Islamabad, and Grafton College of Management Sciences have signed an MoU for academic collaboration between the two institutions on the campus of Grafton College, Islamabad.

NUML Rector Major General (r) Masood Hasan and Grafton Group of Colleges Chairman Saeed ur Rehman signed the MoU.

Speaking on the occasion, the NUML Rector said: “Education without values is like a tree without fruit, shade or utility. We need to be proud of our values and guide our younger generation to that end. Therefore, it is our duty to leave an imprint, a mark of humanity, humility, kindness, brotherhood and tolerance amongst our students. This is education and this is a safe investment.”

“Our aim is to serve Pakistanis and provide them with the best facilities and support. We want this college to enjoy high repute within but also beyond the geographical boundaries of Pakistan,” said the chairman Grafton Group of Colleges.

At the time when Pakistan is passing through a very critical time, the Grafton College, under the guidance of NUML, will train and educate the youth of Pakistan so that they are better equipped to face the challenges of the day.”

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