HUMAN BEINGS are social despite their associations to technology and other belongings. Very possessive about ownership thus despite social behavior traits of competition and professional envy does manifest in behaviour of human beings. Maybe it is for good to keep mankind aggressive in pursuing a better tomorrow and keeping the passion alive in others to work hard to achieve success rather than relying on others as a parasite. It does reflect something good in us but at the same time it teaches us not to think of a transfer without any thing to offer in return. Often the offer may only be a graceful gesture which may be validated to accept a transfer from transferor.

We talk about it, the technology transfer, but its a myth that someone will do so without a huge amount of money being offered against it. Still, the money offered wont let the parent firm transferring the technology to do it completely by giving all the codes rather it will try to keep something to itself to safeguard against any future issues whatever the fears may be. Thus, no one ever is going to give the blue print of technology to others due to competition sake or due to fear be being overtaken by others.

Japanese are said to have sneaked into the USA to get the idea of walk man device while a visit of Japanese engineer was taking place in USA. It may not be termed as transfer but it is showing how sensitive the issue of transfer is keeping in mind the laws of intellectual property and other copyrights. Japanese are observed to be very cautious while giving international delegates some orientation of their R and D centers to safeguard their future products from being hijacked by cunnings minds.

We want transfer of technology from advanced nations but they will never do it in our favor rather its tech-spell which bounds us to their policies and contracts as we are paying the price in other OIC member cases. Why someone on earth will think about making other person strong giving whole of the power in a persons hand who knows nothing about it but only wants to enjoy the product. If there was some necessity then invention would have been done as necessity is mother of invention.

Another case study is of a European country which gave some technology to Pakistan but later on it was revealed that the technology given was used back in world war II and reconditioned in 2000 and handed over to Pakistani company later in 2005 or so which was found to be very much defective out-dated as well as without necessary manuals required for future maintenance and engineering or reverse engineering purposes though involvement of in-house miss-management was there. But point is the technology transfer may be termed as myth if you are not strong enough to recoil or reconcile. It is only when you have something to give back to others who have the technology.

Among the top notch multinational companies having budget much more than that of Pakistan, it is a very common practice to talk about spillovers. However, this spillover term in research is manifested only where there is requirement for the company to not devote the funds to R and D rather rely on the skills of other companies to work on an idea which was owned by the in-house engineers and scientists. It is a strategic matter which enhances the collaborations but is applicable to those who have strong R and D infrastructure to work on the innovation developed by other experts.

We need to have strong R and D infrastructure which is missing in all respects in Pakistan and in developing countries. Though, some critics do hold the developed countries responsible for this emphasizing the professional jealousy as the variable hindering the development progress among the two or capitalistic structure/mind-set not appreciating the transfer. Yet, it is believed that skills matter a lot in which we need to develop in our youth rather than focusing on sole transfer of technology in Pakistan. The nations which are capitalistic in their belief systems and business systems, cant collaborate with those who believe in a blend of socialism and capitalism. If they do then due to being very strong following their instructions will work in our favor but only for a short time period but in the long run it is going to disrupt the social and economical harmony of the country. As we see that due to technology transfer we have motivated many farmers and land owners to pursue modern comfortable taxi driver professions in addition to IT due to proliferation of laptops by the government of Pakistan.

Due to technology transfer we may motivate many of our farmers to work in new professions which are not directly serving the needs of humanity but are serving the luxurious aspects and aesthetics of those who have abundance of capital. The basic technology is what motivates the man to love ecology and natural systems and such technology is to be transferred from Pakistan to others.

We may think over our strategy to follow actions of R and D in S and T of the West and forget our real power that in line with the needs and necessities of humans. This will make us strong rather than pursuing technology transfer which may make us “A Rolling Stone Carrying no Mass”.

By Web Team

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