Fish-MarketplaceSTAFF REPORT KHI: China has allowed Pakistan to export fish meal to its markets for one more year, after its quality inspectors approved the countrys fisheries management.

According to sources, China has enlisted four processing plants to allow their food export to its markets including M/s Kanpa International Sales, M/s Abideen and Company, M/s M A Proteins and M/s Intermarket International.

After a thorough evaluation of a fisheries report on Pakistan, four companies, Chinas General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) made the decision, they said.

“The AQSIQ approved the improvement report which Marine Fisheries Department (MFD) had provided to it on December 10 2012 on the countrys fish meal processing and export for further period of one year,” the sources said.

“An AQSIQ delegation had visited Pakistan during May and June 2011 to evaluate the inspection, supervision and quarantine system on fish meal, fish oil and aquatic animal protein being produced by fish meal processors/exporters,” they said.

After the processing plants improved their products quality, the MFD submitted an “improvement report” to the AQSIQ, suggesting continuation of export. After a thorough evaluation of the report, the AQSIC accepted it and allowed Pakistan to export the meal to China, they said.

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