STAFF REPORT IBD: MovingMinds, a training arm of Techaccess, has recently held an awareness session, “Emerging Trends in Semantic Business and Application Development” in collaboration with SEECS (NUST) and ICT RandD Fund.

The session was attended by IT studs ents, IT professionals as well as senior personnel from renowned educational institutions and IT companies. The session was led by Dr. Hafiz Farooq, Associate Professor SEECS (NUST) and Dr. Khalid Latif, Assistant Professor SEECS (NUST).

The core theme of the event was mainly related to introduction and use of budding Semantic Web Technologies, how various semantic applications, web tools and techniques can be employed to yield optimized results. Moreover, the session also focused on how todays enterprises can use Semantic Web Technologies in relation to their critical business requirements.

Dr. Arshad Ali, Principal SEECS (NUST), in his address on the occasion delivered recognized the valuable services which MovingMinds and Techaccess have rendered over the years, to uplift growth in the IT sector of Pakistan.

Fawad Younus, GM ICT RandD Fund, also acknowledged the efforts of all companies involved in making the event a success.

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