STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistani Long Distance International (LDI) Industry will continue with the existing International Clearing House Exchange (ICH) arrangements for inbound traffic as per legal and regulatory regime in vogue.

PTCL and all LDI Operators in Pakistan are bound by the regulatory regime and policies of the government of Pakistan and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Any adverse order passed in any territory outside the geographical boundaries of Pakistan is of no legal and material effect and as such must not be relied upon for doing telecom business with Pakistani licensed operators. Any business entity not complying with the Pakistans existing telecom regime mandating US Cent 8.8 per minute is considered to be in breach of the relevant agreement and will be treated accordingly which will result in blockage of traffic as done by Pak operators in the past.

International operators not agreeing to currently enforced ASR for Pakistan have been paying more than ASR to third parties for Pakistan bound traffic and have been experiencing associated hazards. Any International operator who does not terminate traffic in Pakistan through the licensed LDIs and which will now be verified using the ICH central switch would be presumed to have terminated traffic illegally in Pakistan.

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