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KEEP HI-TEC Wi-Fi Internet technology Evo Nitro with you all the time, and get connected to your love ones. Connect your cell phone through movable Wi-Fi Evo Nitro Cloud device, enjoy FaceBook, Skype, Video Conferencing, Viber, check your emails, blogs and browse all the way long while moving outside your door step to other cities. It keeps you connected with Internet, for every single second you live.

Use while you drive: Get connected to internet 24/7, just take connected movable Wi-Fi Evo Nitro Cloud device along with you anywhere within Pakistan, while going on driving, place it in your car, and enjoy freedom of Internet, connect your mobile or laptop having facility to connect to internet using Wi-Fi.

Use while You Shop: Going to shop without internet is now no more an issue, taking advantage of this latest technology, now you can enjoy internet while you shop, or go anywhere within a country, just take device along with you, which is an easily portable device, put it in your pocket, size of the device is similar to size of a pack of 20 cigarette, having lighter weight of less than 200 grams.

Use as wireless Modem: Having so many useful features, it also has a feature to connect your PC system directly, same as you use your DSL Internet Modem, for browsing.

You can use it directly with cell phone as a modem. This amazingly new technology has also a feature of connecting cell phone directly with device, simply connect this device via data cable and enjoy unlimited speed up to of 9.3 Mbps.

Remarkably, the advantages of Hi-tech Movable Wi-Fi Evo Nitro Cloud numerous. It offers the sighest speed of internet connectivity with maximum speed of 9.3 Mbps, unlimited browsing, the user can roam anywhere with Hi-Tec Wi-Fi Internet technology Evo Nitro Cloud device. It is absolutely user friendly as well as offer very fast browsing facility.

At the same time, the quality of video streaming is very fast. The users can upload pictures, videos or any other contents within few seconds in addition of offering a facility to at least five users to connect with it simultaneously. While its range of connectivity is up to 20 meters from the device.

The Evo 3G Nitro Cloud is easily available in PTCL Customer Service Centres, all over Pakistan, avail amazing promotion by giving four months advance payment and get Wi-Fi Evo Nitro Cloud device for free. Its amazing speed makes your internet life easy by taking it anywhere. Moreover, you can also connect it by using it as modem, connect latest technology hi-tech movable Wi-Fi Evo Nitro Cloud to your personal computer (PC) and enjoy unlimited speed of internet connectivity with maximum speed of 9.3 Mbps. There are many companies who are offering internet, but this is a latest technology, with no competitor entered into market with so many amazing features.

This new technology Evo 3G Nitro Cloud comes with a rechargeable battery, you can charge it by simply connecting to adopter, and also if you want to enjoy its amazing speed while during charging, you can connect it, as its a human friendly device, making it capable to meet future requirements of users.

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