STAFF REPORT LHR: Pakistan telecommunication sector lost its 1.65 million customers from December 2012, due to data clean-up of un-registered SIMs, recently revealed by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

The stats issues by the PTA mentioned that the notable rate of reduction in telecom customers is due to the data clean-up and ban on sale of SIMs through retailers network. On directions of the Ministry of Interior, the PTA – had directed all telecom operators they can sell new SIMs only through their services centers and had banned the sales through retailer channels.

At the end of Dec 12 last year total subscriber base of mobile phone users stood at 121,946,363 down from 123,597,202 in Nov 2012. Cellular teledensity decreased to 68.8 percent, down from 69.8 percent a month ago.

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