MONITORING REPORT DUBAI: SpeedCast, Asias leading satellite telecommunications service provider, together with partner Supernet, has announced the award of two multi-year contracts to provide their CelCast™ cellular backhaul service for more than 30 sites in Pakistan.

SpeedCast and Supernet selected Comtech EF Data, the global leader in satellite bandwidth efficiency and link optimization, and leveraged their market-leading modems to deliver a highly optimized and efficient cellular backhaul solution for their customers.

SpeedCast and Supernet partnered to deliver a high quality GSM backhaul network in Pakistan, which is now utilized by two of the leading GSM service providers to extend their reach in the mountainous northern areas and far flung remote areas in the south of Pakistan.

“These projects are a welcome addition to our rich portfolio of GSM backhaul over satellite service in Pakistan. We are pleased to be working with SpeedCast and Comtech EF Data to deliver bandwidth efficiencies and cost-effective expansion options for our existing and new customers. These recent contracts are a testament to the quality and reliability of our service,” stated Hamid Nawaz, COO of Supernet on the occasion.

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