STAFF REPORT LHR: The White Rabbit app development team has released Low Battery Fun Alerts on Google Play that would help in resolving the low battery problem on Android.

The app is simple, fun and works as a utility for your battery that will alert the users on a set power level with a fun and witty message, said an official of the phone company.

He said that the app was developed as a project inspired from an article on Gizmodo about a meme on College Humor. App development team of White Rabbit sought to develop an app that worked just like the meme they saw and bring laughter to a situation that normally does not make people happy.

He also said that this app brings fun to your notifications and aids as a very friendly reminder.

This app is compatible on all android devices with Android 2.3 and higher.

The developers have said they will be adding a few more features and updates to the app and promote the user base to add suggestions. This is White Rabbits second app release this year and its available for free to download in the Google Play Market.

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