STAFF REPORT LHR: The Pakistan Biotechnology Information Center has recently organized a poster exhibition entitled “Food and Fiber Security for Pakistan by Biotechnological Application” at the PABIC office at Ebrahim Jamal National Science Information Canter, ICCBS, ad University of Karachi.

In this competition metric/O-level students participated from all schools across Pakistan.

In this exhibition those posters displayed for the judgment and awareness of Biotechnology among students.

“The posters were very imaginative, representing the mind setup of students towards the benefits of Biotechnology for country,” said by one of the Malaysians who had come to visit the exhibits. “It was a thought provoking exhibition on Agri-Biotechnology Apps. This truly reflecting the awareness of the students of Pakistan,” said by Dr. Farroqui, the head of the judges committee.

The poster exhibition was much enhanced and greater with reference to the presentations as compared to the one held last year. Visiting participants made this event far more motivating and competitive.

The Pakistan Biotechnology Information Center is the first national non-profit organization under the patronage of International Service for Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications (ISAAA) and National Commission on Biotechnology with the aim to enhance the global distribution of information about the biotechnology, specifically about crop biotechnology to fight against the hunger and poverty in Pakistan.

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