STAFF REPORT IBD: Under the Post-Doctoral Fellowships Programme of Higher Education Commission, 507 scholars have successfully completed their post-doctoral studies and joined their parent organisations.

Through this programme, so far 563 Pakistani university faculty and researchers holding PhD degrees have been provided opportunity to work at leading higher education institutions and state-of-the-art laboratories of academically advanced countries.

“The main objective of the programme is to build the capacity of universities by improving the quality of education and research and promoting cooperation with universities and research centres abroad.” an official of the HEC said.

These scholars have worked in the fields of biotechnology, food sciences, animal nutrition, bio chemistry, nano-technology, plasma physics, cell biology, civil and environmental engineering, fisheries, pharmaceutical chemistry, high energy physics, leadership, culture and social preferences, geophysics, mathematics, computer sciences, business education, social sciences, and other disciplines.

“Through this programme, Pakistani scholars are not only acquiring new technologies and knowledge from academically advanced countries but also contributing for the socio-economic development of the country through practical application of learned knowledge and techniques,” said HEC Chairperson Dr. Javaid Laghari.

He was also of the view that as outcome of this programme, educational and cultural linkages of Pakistani scholars and universities have been established with the academia and researchers of developed countries.

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