STAFF REPORT IBD: A two-day training on Outcome Based Assessment System of Accreditation has recently been concluded which was organized by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) for programme evaluators of PEC.
Prof. Ir. Megat Johari Megat Mohammad Noor and Ir. Azlan Abdul Aziz from Board of Engineers Malaysia conducted the technical sessions as resource persons.
The training was aimed at enhancing the capacity of senior engineering faculty and PECs engineering program evaluators regarding new Outcome Based Assessment System of Accreditation concepts required for quality assurance.
This training will enhance quality assurance of engineering education in Pakistan to bring it at par with international standards.
Initially a batch of 40 evaluators has been trained. These trained experts will serve as master trainers for rest of the evaluators and reviewers in the country. In order to ensure quality of engineering education, PEC regularly organizes on-site visits of expert evaluators to the engineering universities and institutions. Accreditation is awarded by PEC to the engineering universities based on evaluation reports submitted by these evaluators.
Both the resource persons of said training were also nominated as mentors to evaluate Pakistans progress on roadmap towards full signatory status of Washington Accord.

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