fics-logoSTAFF REPORT IBD: The NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS) has taken the initiative to provide a platform to its students with the name of Finding Innovative and Creative Solutions (FICS). FICS is an inter SEECS competition that aims to encourage SEECS students to think innovatively, and get actively involved in social problems identification around them and developing solutions. We all live in an imperfect world.

One of the things that make it imperfect is the day to day challenges we face, also known as social problems. It is very easy to identify them because they challenge us to come out of our comfort zone. Through FICS, NUST SEECS wants to instill a spirit of a commitment to learn and to give back to our society using our ideas and knowledge, among our students.

FICS is a multi-stage competition where SEECS students start their participation by submitting a synopsis about their ideas. In its first year, FICS received an over whelming number of ideas. After a thorough review round, selected ideas were presented in FICS stage 2, where about 40 ideas were displayed in the form of posters.

FICS final stage is planned for May 2013, where about 20 short listed ideas will compete for the grand prizes.

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