membrane_big_cmykSTAFF REPORT KHI: The construction of the Latif Ebrahim Jamal (LEJ) Nanotechnology Research Centre has recently started at the University of Karachi.

The construction will be completed within one year at an estimated cost of Rs 50 million. The government has also realised the importance of nanotechnology in Pakistans technological and scientific growth and hence has launched the nanotechnology initiative under the Pakistan Council for Science and Technology.

“Nanotechnology has the potential needed to bring growth in various industrial and scientific fields and research. The budget for both education and advance scientific research and innovation in the technology fields has to be increased,” said an official very close to the project.

The Hussein Ebrahim Jamal (HEJ) Foundation has contributed a lot in Pakistans scientific endeavours and has brought the country regional and international recognition. Due to these institutes, Pakistan is known in the field of chemical and biochemical sciences.

The HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry has also earned Islamic Development Bank prize for Best Science Institution in the OIC region, besides many other accolades.

According to an educationist, until the government pays its due responsibility toward enhancing education standards in Pakistan and in spreading education to every town, science and technology will take a back seat.

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